Google Sheets Integration

Domotz network monitoring software integrates with Domotz Google Sheets, a spreadsheet program included as part of the free, web-based Google Docs Editors suite offered by Google.

Need help with automation? Set up automated data importing from your favorite software to Google Sheets and manage it with Domotz.

Create an API Key and pull data directly from Domotz APIs into a Google spreadsheet to perform simple calculations and charting. You can edit your device and agent information directly within Google Sheets using this integration. In addition, you can write scripts and automations to improve your efficiency.

Bring network monitoring to a whole new level. Integrate and automate all your tools with Domotz and Google Sheets.

Integration Domotz + Google Sheets

checkiconCustomize Better

Easily create customized charts and graphs – directly from Google Sheets

checkiconBoost Efficiency

Quickly create a spreadsheet that fetches, modifies, and updates the device data with just one click

checkiconAutomate More

Integrate and automate all your tools

checkiconImprove Data Management

Set up automated data reporting to improve data management

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